How to Sell Your Software and Get Paid

Do you have software that you got as a gift?  Or software that you don’t use anymore?  How about someone you know who gets software and wants to sell it?  Well in this article I am going to show you how easy it is for you to make money very quickly by selling your software.

Over the past few months I have been working diligently on contacting people and buying software that they don’t use or need any more.  My job is to make it easy for you to sell your software and get you paid right away.

The only things I look for when buying software is that the part numbers on the box match the part numbers of the actual retail versions.  There are many oem, academic, and upgrade software out there, but I only purchase full retail versions in the box.  A lot of the software I buy is from Adobe, and sometimes I buy Microsoft software.  I purchase such products as:

Adobe CS5.5

  • CS5.5 After Effects Mac – Part Number: 65110275
  • CS5.5 Master Collection Windows – Part Number:65115754
  • CS5.5 Flash Catalyst Win/Mac – Part Number:65122837
  • CS5.5 Production Premium Windows – Part Number:65114467
  • CS5.5 Production Premium Mac – Part Number:65114468
  • CS5.5 Web Premium Windows – Part Number:65118862
  • CS5.5 Web Premium Mac – Part Number:65118863
  • CS5.5 Design Premium Mac – Part Number:65111779
  • CS5.5 Premiere Pro Windows – Part Number: 65107659
  • CS5.5 Premiere Pro Mac – Part Number: 65107660
  • CS5.5 InCopy Windows – Part Number: 65102249
  • CS5.5 Audition Windows – Part Number: 65106760
  • CS5.5 Flash Pro Mac – Part Number: 65109016
  • CS5.5 Flash Pro Windows – Part Number: 65109017

Adobe CS5:

  • CS5 Design Premium Windows – Part Number: 65065585
  • CS5 Design Premium Mac – Part Number: 65065584
  • CS5 After Effects Mac – Part Number: 65053273
  • CS5 Flash Pro Mac – Part Number: 65056290
  • CS5 Flash Pro Windows – Part Number: 65056291
  • CS5 Master Collection Mac OS – Part Number: 65065891
  • CS5 Fireworks Windows – Part Number: 65054393
  • CS5 Illustrator Mac – Part Number: 65061455
  • CS5 Production Premium Windows – Part Number: 65055082
  • CS5 Web Premium Mac – Part Number: 65067540
  • CS5 Flash Catalyst Win/Mac – Part Number: 65069315

Adobe Various (Latest Versions):

  • Acrobat X Suite Windows – Part Number: 65086396
  • Technical Communication Suite 3 Windows – Part Number: 65100578
  • Coldfusion 9 Standard ALP – Part Number: 65047432
  • Font Folio 11 (5 User) Win/Mac – Part Number: 47060157
  • Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Win/Mac – Part Number: 65125789
  • Robohelp 9 Windows – Part Number: 65099832
  • eLearning Suite 2 Mac – Part Number: 65075392
  • Captivate 5 Mac – Part Number: 65075617
  • Framemaker 10 Windows – Part Number: 65098749

Adobe Various (Previous Versions):

  • Photoshop Elements 8 / Premiere Elements 8 – Part Number: 65045534
  • CS4 Production Premium Windows – Part Number: 65022870
  • CS4 Production Premium Mac – Part Number: 65022891
  • CS3 Production Premium Mac – Part Number: 19600055
  • CS3 Production Premium Windows – Part Number: 29600055
  • Premiere Pro 1.5 Windows – Part Number: 25520152
  • Flex Builder 3 Pro Win/Mac – Part Number: 38044388
  • Flex Builder 3 Standard Win/Mac – Part Number: 38044406
  • Technical Communication Suite 1.3 Windows – Part Number: 29290098
  • CS4 Dreamweaver Mac – Part Number: 65013261
  • CS4 Premiere Pro Mac – Part Number: 65020729
  • CS4 Photoshop Mac – Part Number: 65014293
  • CS4 Photoshop Extended Mac – Part Number: 65014501

These are just a few.  I buy anything that comes from Adobe.

If you have a PayPal account I can get you paid in a matter of minutes.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can get one at:

To contact me visit the website:

There is a contact form where I can be reached directly.

Thanks and have a great day!


John Ramos


Check out the new game created using the new Adobe CS5.5 called Comb Over Charlie by Charlie Shulze.


Wedding Photos – How to use Photoshop – William and Kate

Ok, so I’m not really a wedding type of guy.  Haven’t been married yet, but maybe…still thinking about it.  What I do know is that I like weddings and some of the pictures taken at weddings.  One time I was at a wedding and I was the DJ.  I got to play good music and watch everyone have fun…it was great.  I remember one of the guys at the wedding took out his guitar and started playing for everyone…real cool guy.  Anyways I’ve decided to write this article about Wedding Photos and how you can enhance them and make them look really cool using Adobe software…which you can find at my website for a really great price.

Go to:

I have better prices than!

Ok enough of the shamless plug and back to the wedding photos.

Some of the software that’s used to edit wedding photos is Adobe Photoshop CS5, or InDesign CS5.  Adobe just came out with a new product line of CS5.5, but that’s more for if you want to make applications and images for smartphones and android phones.  Either way you’ll find a good description of the software on my website.

Ok, so I will give you an example of what you can do to a wedding photo.  Here is an example of a William & Kate wedding photo:


William and Kate

William and Kate - The Royal Wedding + Before

After using Adobe Photoshop software:

William and Kate - The Royal Wedding + After

William and Kate - The Royal Wedding edited with Adobe Photoshop

Here’s what I did:

1. Downloaded a picture of the William and Kate wedding from the internet (

2. Downloaded a picture of a heart at

3. Opened up Adobe Photoshop and opened up the picture of the heart and of William and Kate.

4. Outlined the heart using the tools found in Photoshop.

5. Pasted the heart over the William and Kate picture.  After the outline of the heart was over the William and Kate picture I copy and pasted the area that was in the heart.  That left me with William and Kate within the parameters of the heart.

6. I copied that image of William and Kate to a new document within Photoshop.

7. Using the blend options found in Photoshop I added a red border, and the I made the background white in the photo.

8. Using the add text tool in Photoshop I added the text “William and Kate.”  I looked around for a font I liked and a size I thought look good for the photo.  I also made the font red and added a white border so that it would stand out.  I added the white border by going to Blending options in Photoshop.  Then for the last final touch I added a shadow to the words “William and Kate,” to make it stand out more.  I did that by right clicking on the text layer that had the font, then going to “Blending Options,” then I left clicked on “Drop Shadow,” and Voila!  My text now had a shadow on it.  I love that effect on text…makes it look real professional.

Well hopefully you’re able to get a jist of what I did to the photo.  I know I didn’t go too much into detail, but send me a message and I’ll give you more details.  You can reach me at the website:

Thanks for looking and have fun with all your photo editing projects!

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